Mathematics Department


Mathematics Laboratory :

Mathematics Laboratory :


The queen of all subjects, Mathematics, is a logical subject and its importance in our daily life cannot be overlooked. Its law and concepts are applied in every sphere of life. Everything comes under the cosmos of mathematics, whether it is art, music, science, literature or any other field.

In Mount Carmel Hr. Sec.  School, it has been our constant endeavor to make mathematical concepts look simple and easy. Technology is being used extensively to make students understand the concepts. Teachers are also making interesting and informative power point presentations to make the learning process more fun-filled.

Mathematics department plans various activities like quizzes and projects .The highlight of the such type of activities is  “Unfolding the mysteries of Mathematics” in which interesting facts related to mathematics.

Mathematics Laboratory :

Mathematics Laboratory :

Mathematics Laboratory :


The objective of starting  the Mathematics laboratory is to make the students understand math topics, formulas, identities, properties and concepts more clear in a play way and interesting way. The students are encouraged to clear their doubts by doing the activities relating to the topic, themselves, with the help of the teachers.

Apart from this, students do activities, which develop conceptual clarity, problem solving skill and logical thinking. We feel content when we see the enthusiastic children performing different activities in the mathematics lab. The mathematics lab is dispelling the unfounded fear students have pertaining to the subject.

Faculties for Mathematics


    Ajay K. Dindorkar

  Classes :  XII and XI


  Mrs. Sweetie  Georg

Classes : IX , X


 Mr. Vasudevan  

Classes : IX , X


Mrs. Pratibha Nahar

 Classes : VIII , XI


 Ankita Dadwa

Class : VII


Mrs. Anita Shrivansh

Class : III