Chairman's Message


 Greetings to you all !

All human beings are created in the image of God. There is no religion, cast, creed before the Almighty Omniscient Creator of the universe. Human being are so dear to the heart of Father God. He loves saves everybody in His grace unconditionally , provided they agree they are in need of Him. Everyday is given the freedom of choose. Freedom of the will to apply iy in the practical aspects of life is the choice of the individual.

Every parent wants to see their child excel in life. They send their children to school for education and for the overall development of personality. But, accumulating information and filling your child’s brain is not the goal of education. The purpose of going to school and studying is to equip your child to face the challenges in life and to lead a blessed, dynamic life. Of course, to achieve this goal, a student needs systematic study from the lower classes itself.


Since 1990, Santhome Educational Trust has imparted education to thousands of students in the eastern part of Indore through Mount Carmel Higher Secondary School under the State syllabus. 

We look forward to providing quality education and training to your children through Mount Carmel Higher Secondary School and seek your cooperation in our endeavors.

God Bless all 

Bishop Rt. Rev. Sunny Abraham